May 05, 2020 Gospel Lighthouse Church

Am I a Theologian

At some point in the course of study you will ask the question, “Am I a Theologian now?” Here is a short answer…yes, you are. Every one of us is a theologian. Even an atheist is a theologian. The little old lady living down the street is a theologian. The ten-year-old asking questions is a theologian. Why is that? Because every one of one us has thoughts and ideas of God. Every one of us has thoughts and ideas on how those things affect our lives. That makes us all theologians.

The thing that separates us in these classes from the little old lady down the street is simple. And profound at the same time. We are actively thinking about and ordering our thoughts about God and the Christian life. So in that sense, as you progress through this Couse of Study, you already are and are becoming even more of a theologian.

Theology can be defined as: A religious belief system about God or ultimate reality. Theology commonly refers to the ordered, systematic study or interpretation of the Christian faith and experience of God based on God’s divine self-revelation. Theology also seeks to apply these truths to the full breadth of human experience and thought. So with this definition, every time you write a paper or preach or defend the Faith, you are a theologian.

With that in mind, I would like to make a recommendation. Read, read, read, and when you are done reading, read some more. Obviously, somewhere along the line, you will preach and teach and witness , but it starts in a place of expanding how and why you speak about God. I can hear some of you saying, “That is easy for you Jason. You have all the books and the resources” We will discuss that in future posts.