Children’s Church! 2014-2015

What is a soldier of Christ?
Are we at war?
Who is the enemy?
Keep reading to find out…

Soldiers Code: Finally, My
brethren Be STRONG in the
Lord, and the power of HIS might. Ephesians 6:10

Soldier of Christ Creed
"The Word is my Weapon
Jesus is my Shield
To Witness is my Mission

To Hardship I will NOT Yield"

As with all structured military units, soldiers are instructed to obey their commanding officers and follow orders. While Jesus is ultimately our Commanding Officer, He will not force His soldiers to obey His orders or accept His missions. Just as with our salvation, we are given free will to make a choice. Many times during Christ’s life on earth, He told His followers that He did only as He saw His Father do in heaven. He was not a rebel or Lone Ranger that tried doing things on His own.

This is why He called us to serve Him through the Church. We are called to be members of His Body in the Church. His Churches are our Spiritual Boot Camps! Jesus was fully man and fully God, but told His followers that was not something to be held on to. He emptied Himself of His Godhood so that He would only follow His Father’s will and not His own.This is what He is showing us how to do. We need to do with our life as we saw Him do, and as the Holy Spirit guides us.

Another important aspect to the military is the chain of command. Our Lord Jesus Himself did not perform His ministry alone. Instead, He enlisted others as followers and gave them authority and responsibility. It is through these followers of Christ that we have the New Testament. Through these inspired writings in the New Testament, we can easily form a “chain of command” for us Soldiers of today. While all of us have direct access to our Father through Jesus and prayer and need no one on earth to intercede for us, God does put people in authority over us for a reason. These people include our parents, elders, pastors and other spiritual counselors. God also tells us that it is He that establishes the governments and the leaders as well. This authority will be dealt with in a separate lesson n more detail. In this world we can only serve one master. We can serve our Heavenly Father or we can serve Satan. The Bible tells us this in John 8:42-47. There is no neutral ground in Spiritual Warfare. You either serve Christ or you serve Satan.